Hey Batch!

I'm Emily ! A former teacher, a go-getter and kick-ass cookie queen.

I’m mostly known for having a sick sense of humour and being the life of the party (I'm a real hoot). Making plans in advance seriously stresses me out, soda water is way too spicy and I take my ice-cream in a cup, with a cone on top (you get way more ice-cream).

When I’m not at Bad Batch HQ baking cheeky as fuck cookies, you can catch me exploring Australia in my self-built campervan, Ellie.

I've always loved delicious treats and I figured if I became a baker I could have easy access to treats all day. It's a no-brainer. I received my first KitchenAid at 21 and began to procrasti-bake my way through two uni degrees (yeah, I'm twice as smart as you thought).

After uni, I taught Food and Textiles Technology at high schools across Sydney for a few years but became too obsessed with Bad Batch and left teaching to pursue my dreams...

After putting the C word on cookies, I probs can't teach again lol so here we are.

Why choose Bad Batch?

We're bold. No cutesy baking around here. We're proud to be different, take the lead and to do things our own way.

We're eco-conscious. Our cookie and mailing bags are 100% home compostable, and we consciously make greener business choices every day.

We listen. The most important thing about our business is you. We value your feedback and are constantly improving our services to provide you a better experience.

We're legit. With all the relevant operational approvals, registrations and insurances, you can shop with confidence knowing that we're legit as shit.

"We're not like regular cookies, we're cool cookies"